A Helping Hand for Charities

In some of my recent posts, I gave you a quick preview of our new venture, The Charity Wishlist. I am happy to announce that the site is now live, all of our systems are in place, and we are ready to roll full steam ahead with what I hope becomes a philanthropic movement that helps to change the world.

The concept is a simple one: Helping charities and organizations expand their donation and fundraising needs.


Sadly though, this simple act of kindness has been twisted and morphed into something that benefits their bottom line of many of the businesses that claim they help these organizations, with some of them keeping as much as 60% of the donations to cover “administrative, marketing, and processing costs.”

The Charity Wishlist is here to change all of that. Our hosted donation solution allows us to provide charities and non-profits, even those without a website or online presence, a way to accept monetary donations online through our site.  This costs them nothing up front, no monthly maintenance fees, and the organization is guaranteed to receive a minimum of 90% all monetary donations.

Our wishlist system is another solution we offer. It allows the organization that is in need of goods and supplies the ability to build a list of these items. We set the pricing to cover the cost of shipping, fees, and any applicable taxes, and the public can purchase these items through our system for the organization from the comfort of their own home.

How can you offer something like this you might be wondering? The answer is simple. I am a firm believer in helping charities with their needs. For years I have volunteered at numerous organizations, been involved in their fundraising efforts, and have experienced the joy and gratitude first hand of the people whose lives these groups touch with their efforts. It is not something that you can put a price tag on, and absolutely not something to be taken advantage of just to make money.

In conjunction with our donation and wishlist systems, we are also offering web site hosting and site design to these organizations for a fraction of the cost of what the other “technology providers” in the industry would charge.

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, which personally impacted many friends and families of ours, The Charity Wishlist has also set up a disaster relief fund. The purpose of this fund is to purchase items needed by the victims of natural disasters, and have them drop shipped directly to the first responders for distribution to those impacted. We work directly with these groups, and where ever possible, purchase these good from local businesses, to help make sure the economy of the area is sustained.


It is time to change the world. Are you ready to help us in our mission?

Let’s build the future together.

For more information about The Charity Wishlist, visit www.thecharitywishlist.org, follow us on Twitter @charitywishlist or like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheCharityWishlist.


Our Daily Bread

There is a line in the Bible from John 6:35 that says: “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty”. It is a very powerful line that speaks to people about their faith. There is a very definitive line between spiritual and physical hunger though. Each day in our country, millions (approximately 1 out of 8 Americans) go without the food they need to survive. Even right here in our great state of Delaware, about 17,500 different people receive food assistance on a weekly basis; according to the Food Bank of Delaware.

In Delaware, many businesses have jumped in to help in any way they can, mine included, to fight this growing epidemic. From Walmart donating a new refrigerated truck to the Food Bank, along with a large monetary contribution, to Johnson and Johnson’s employees donating service time to helping out, to Perdue donating their poultry products on a regular basis, and Burris Logistics working with their grocery store clients to make contributions, just to name a few.

Unfortunately not all companies share in this philanthropic spirit. In a conversation I had with a fellow business owner, when discussing our efforts to help wipe out hunger in our state, he said to me “These people won’t get a dime from me, let them go get a job, and buy their own food.” He didn’t want to hear that hunger doesn’t discriminate based upon race, sex, age, creed, or even job status. He was locked in his thinking that these people are just lazy, which we know isn’t the case.

Hunger is the end product, not the cause, of the breakdown of the socioeconomic status of people and families. The effort needs to be made to eradicate the root causes, such as: lack of job training, childcare, health care, and literacy, In doing this we can make great strides forward towards ending hunger and making our state an even better place than it already is.

As a community, we need to come together to help out. We need rally around our pride in this great state Delaware of ours, and stand united with our brothers and sisters in need.

Are you with me Delaware?