Helping Charities For The Right Reasons

Today I wanted to take a step back from discussions of technology, and the day to day life of a small business owner, and talk about something that is a core belief of mine, helping charities. For those of you that know me and my family, you know that we help raise money for the Delaware Breast Cancer Collation, help with food collections for the Delaware Food Bank, support Relay for Life, and participate in multiple MS Society walks. We have had friends and family that these organizations have helped over the years, so it is only right that we do what we can to help them reach out and help more people.

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, our eyes were opened to a larger community of organizations and charities we never knew about. We also came to learn quickly that many of them struggle on a daily basis to not just help others, but to keep their doors open. The realization hit while we were talking to them, that while many people are quick to help in the event of a large natural disaster, many of these groups get forgotten in the normal day to day lives of people.

Given the philanthropic spirit that we embrace, we set out to figure out a way to help raise awareness for these organizations and charities. Then the idea came, quite by accident, on a call with my brother. He literally gave me the foundation to build a system tied together with an awareness campaign, that can help charities and organizations of any size.

Now of course the argument that immediately got put on the table was that there are companies out there already that do this. After some in-depth research, and discussions with groups that these companies help, we learned that the charities get very little of the money these companies raise. For example, less than 20 cents of every dollar raised by the fundraising company for the US Veterans Association actually goes to help our Veterans, they keep the rest for “administration and operating expenses”.  The very people that put their lives on the line to help keep our country free see almost nothing. This very practice is why many people have been turned off to making donations to these organizations.

So what makes what we are getting ready to launch any different from these other companies? The answer is simple, the new business we are launching, will to do this as a non-profit entity itself.

We firmly believe that charity is just that, charity. We set out to help others, and wanted everything done for the right reasons, not for monetary reasons.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our launch. Let’s build the future together.


The Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbon has become an international symbol for breast cancer awareness. It is proudly worn or displayed to show support for those whose lives have been touched by the disease. I personally know 2 such women that have battled breast cancer, one of which lost her battle in the end. She was a great woman, very loving and kind, and who will be missed greatly by her friends and family. The other is a proud survivor, supporter of the fight, and volunteers to help others.

Cancer comes in all shapes and forms though. It does not discriminate based upon age, race, color, or creed. It can not be reasoned with, nor is it a friendly foe. It attacks with a vengeance from within, and it changes the lives of those who it affects.

I lost my wife to lung cancer in 2000, and my mother is a survivor of lymphoma, so I personally know how cancer impacts those close to us. It is a battle that is fought every minute of every day, and it takes its toll across all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It also brings people together, gives us strength to battle on, and nurtures the seeds of hope.

I personally, and with my business, help support the fight against cancer. One of the causes we support right here in our great state of Delaware is the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. The work they do is amazing, and is to be commended. To support with their cause, we have dedicated a portion of our sales till the end of March to help their effort. I personally will be adding to the contribution.

The time is now to try to find a cure. Are you with me Delaware?