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Today I wanted to touch on a growing trend that should come with a big label attached to it that says: “Warning, you are about to be had.” This trend is the promotion of SEO services and marketing that touts “We will get you on the first page of Google”. I get at least one of these emails a week from these companies, and most of them are located in India.

How can it be that so many of these companies know the safely guarded secret of how the site and page ranking logarithms Google developed work? They don’t! Not even the engineers at Google know how the system fully works, because it is broken up into pieces and divisions, to ensure no one takes advantage of the system for personal gain. I happen to know this because a close associate of mine is a recently retired engineer from Google.

Maybe I am being overly crass with regards to this subject, though many businesses fall prey to this type of marketing on a daily basis. They are so eager to have these “experts” help them move up in the search engine rankings, that they don’t heed the warning signs.

Now that I got that off my chest, let me share with you some things that you should watch out for, before you click that Reply button and start a chain reaction that will damage your business.

1. The email address – Most of these spam emails come from free email addresses, with the majority of them coming from Gmail accounts. My favorite was

2. Lack of knowledge – In almost every instance these emails are sent out to a list that they obtained from the registrar of your site. They have never once looked at your site to see who you are, or what you do. This is evident in the fact that they send these to my company, and we are a technology provider.

3. No web site listed – None of these companies will give you their URL to go look at their site. The few that happen to send the emails from a company email address, you will find that the site is always “Under Construction”.

4. The message – This is where they rope you in by using buzz words, and making it all sound legitimate. Here is one I just got yesterday:

We are a Delhi-NCR, India based, leading SEO company.

We provides Guaranteed first page ranking in Google.

We use only ethical SEO techniques. Our organic search engine optimization consultants (SEO Experts) ensures a high ROI (return on investment) by achieving maximum visibility within major search engines including Google, MSN & Yahoo! Search. We analyze your sites web traffic and all other online marketing activities to find the most optimized path to increase your sales leads.

We use 100% white hat stuff.

We offer complete Search Engine Optimization solutions:

On Page Optimization:

1. A detailed keyword research (if necessary)
2. Header text with h1 tag.
3. Write Meta title, Meta description and keywords.
4. Write header text and footer text with right keywords.
5. Optimize alt tag with right keywords.
6. Optimize the body content through appropriate use of keywords in the right place.
7. Modify the footer links

We Use Various Off Page Optimization Techniques.

If you are interested reply this mail.

Within 24 Hours we will contact with quotation & time Frame to bring your keyword to front page.

5. The Disclaimer – I usually get a kick out of the disclaimer, since it is almost always the longest paragraph of the entire mailing. This is where they tell you that this is an advertizement and a promotional mailing, and they are doing everything legally and in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act guidelines.

There is also a catch to all of this that they don’t tell you until you have paid: In order for them to do all of these neat SEO techniques they are selling, you have to give them full access to your web site and your statistics package.

Maybe it is just me, though the last thing I would want to do is give people I have never met, nor know anything about their company, access to the core of my web site. If you are an on-line retailer or a service related business, you have basically just handed over the keys to your customers, and sales information. And say a big prayer that your system is PCI compliant, our they will have the credit card information too.

So why am I sharing all of this with you? Because I don’t want to see you get taken advantage of, or have your business suffer. It goes against everything we believe in as a technology provider.

At Delaware 302 we don’t use these tactics to sell you on our products and services. We believe in being open and honest with our clients, and working closely with them to build the solution that works for them.

Our 302 Engine has a built in SEO platform, and we train our clients on how to effectively track and manage their site to get the search engine results they need, at no extra cost.

Contact us today, and learn how we can help your business grow.

Let’s build the future together.


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