Getting Value For Your Money

Today I wanted to relay to you an experience that I had recently, that made me take a real hard look at exactly what value I was really getting for my money.

If any of you have ever been house hunting, you know that it is a long process that seems like it can take forever. You look at house after house, and either this doesn’t work for you, or you don’t like the layout of that, or maybe even the location of the neighborhood. There is also the fact that there are other people looking at the exact same houses, and you may start to feel pressured to make a decision rather quickly, which only adds to the growing frustration that this process brings.

The frustration of this process is why many people start looking into new home construction. If you have seen the signs, they are very enticing, basically offering you a new home for the price of the other ones you have been looking at. You start to think “Hey, we can get a new home built the way we want right from the start for the same price”. So with this thought in mind, you leap forward and go in to talk to their sales person. The thing you should pay attention to though is the “Starting At” on the sign.

Now every builder has multiple models that you can look at, to find the layout that is perfect for you. The catch though is that these models have been finished with every extra and add on that you can imagine. They also have professional interior designers come in to finish it off, so that you are presented with a product that is as close to perfect as you could imagine for your new home.

You find the model that has the layout that you want, and now you are excited because you are going to get your new dream home.

So ready to build this house, you then look at the map of the neighborhood, and pick the open lot that you think would be perfect for your new home. The questions you should ask though before you even sit down to go through the process are:  is that lot available now, and is there a homesite premium for it? Many lots might not be available now, and many come with an extra charge for them.

Now comes the process that can be a shell shock to any home buyer. The process of picking out your “upgrades”. This is where that “Starting At” price comes into play. That price is just for the lot and the construction of the home, with a few “base level” items. The “elevation” of the home also impacts the price. For those of you that don’t know, as you go through the letters A,B,C etc… the fancier the look of the home from the outside.

So, after an hour of going though picking out the outside look of the home, the optional this, that and the other thing, picking out flooring, the cabinets, counters, baths, tile, etc…, which you have to pay for no matter what you pick since it is not included in the base price, they give you the final price on this home. To let you know, we pretty much went right down the middle with our selections to get the look we wanted, and those “upgrades” came out to almost $98,000, plus an extra $10,000 for the lot since it was a premium (all 3 available lots were premiums). After looking at that, I couldn’t get out of that office fast enough. I was in shock and reeling over the final price.

As we drove away, 2 things hit me. The first was if we did buy this house with all of these upgrades, we would be paying for them in the mortgage, meaning they would cost us more than $200,000 after all was said and done. The second was that we could purchase a resale home and renovate it for less, thus getting a greater value for our money.

After reflecting on this whole exercise, I realized that many technology companies do the same thing with their clients with regards to their web site and solutions. They bring them in with the whole “affordable solution” sales pitch, then show them the ultimate in web site design and functionality. The business gets excited that this is what they are going to get, are ready to move forward, and then get hit with the “upgrades”. More often than not, they are sold a package that is more than what they need, and wind up paying a small fortune for it.

At Delaware 302 we don’t believe in charging our clients for extra upgrades, or for things they don’t need. Our solutions are module based, and designed to grow with our clients. We don’t charge for a full re-design as your needs change, instead, just like with renovating a home, we build on as needed. We also do this at a cost far lower than our competition.

If you are a business owner and struggling with your web site and solutions, drop us a line. We are here to help.


About delaware302
Delaware 302 is more than an online clothing store. It's about giving Delawareans a way to express their pride about being from, or even just living in, the First State. Whether you're wearing it or displaying it on your vehicle - let the world see you are Delaware proud. But you don't have to be born here to "represent" the 302.

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