Crossing The Line

It has been a while since I have posted to the blog, and there has been a good reason behind it. My company underwent a metamorphosis to enable us to turn our attention towards providing best in class web site, social media, and SEO solutions to our clients here in this great state of Delaware, and beyond. It was a move that seemed to be a long time in coming, yet one that was necessary given the turmoil and strange developments going on within the technology industry in the state as of late.

To give you some background on what has been going on in the industry, since it has the potential to be very important to your business and the future of your web site, there have been a lot of developments in the last few months.

One of the major players in the web development world in Sussex County had a parting of ways. The dynamic duo that closed the deal on many web sites in the beach area of Delaware split up, and the disgruntled partner (as was shared with me) left to start his own business. It has now been a mad race for this new company to get as many web sites as possible migrated to its hosting platform from the former partner.

The problem with this, is that the customers are the ones that lose in this whole battle of control. It is no longer about customer service, and placing the customer first, it is about having the most “residual income”. For those of you that may not know what that means, for a development company, the number of sites they host makes up their guaranteed revenue stream each month. The more residual income you have coming in each month, the better it looks on your books and profit margin.

At Delaware 302, we offer enterprise level cloud based hosting with 24/7 tech support and guaranteed 99.9% up time. Since we are not in the business of gouging our clients to make our bottom line look better, we pass on our savings to our clients.

Another recent development, was the “verbal blasting” of his clients, by the owner of another fairly well known development company in Kent County. I read the blog posts that he put up and I was stunned and shook my head in disbelief. This business owner put down in black and white for the world to see, that most of the companies that his company designed the site for, and hosted, were a losing proposition and not worth the time or effort.

Then came the insult to injury as he bashed the chambers of commerce in his blog a few short weeks later. The post opened with:

“I will explain how you can save your business time, money, and frustration in dealing with your local chambers of commerce so that you get the most out of what they have to offer, while limiting your exposure to them.”

Now I happen to know for a fact that he still hosts many chamber sites, and most of his business came from the very chambers that he is telling people aren’t worth the money to join.

Delaware 302 is a proud member of both the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce (, and the Milford Chamber of Commerce ( We have gotten great value out of our membership, and built many relationships with other businesses.

Giving everything that has been going on, it leads me to one conclusion: These solutions providers have forgotten the golden rule of business: The customer comes first.

In the 15 years that I have been designing sites, applications, and systems, that rule is one of the keys, and the driving force behind everything I do in business.

Am I crossing the line with my post? I don’t think so at all. You the business owner deserve to know what is going on, and be treated with the respect you and your business deserve.

At Delaware 302, our clients are not a number or a dollar amount, they are a person, the owner of a business, a valuable relationship, and the very reason we are in business.

Don’t you deserve to be offered the best, and not have your provider crossing that line and making you feel like you have no value, or are only worth how much they can make from you on a monthly basis?

Give us a call, and let’s build the future together.


About delaware302
Delaware 302 is more than an online clothing store. It's about giving Delawareans a way to express their pride about being from, or even just living in, the First State. Whether you're wearing it or displaying it on your vehicle - let the world see you are Delaware proud. But you don't have to be born here to "represent" the 302.

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