Brand Awareness

For those of us that grew up during the 1970’s and 1980’s, I am sure you remember classic TV commercials that ran all the time, like the “Where’s the Beef” commercial from Wendy’s. Then there were the jingles that people used walk around singing, like the one for McDonald’s Big Mac (Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun), or simple sayings like “Have a Coke and a Smile” from the Coca-Cola company.

This constant marketing of brands for major businesses is something that has evolved over the decades. Many companies look for that one line zinger,  icon, or symbol, that they can use that will stick in people’s minds. Like Subway’s “$5 foot long” jingle, or Geico’s spokes-lizard “the gecko”, or even “Just do it” for Nike. There is also the red bulls eye which is the symbol for Target.

Then there are the battles between products. One of the biggest rivalries, which you may have heard referred to as the “Cola Wars”, is the one between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. It is a market share battle that has raged on for decades now. Each trying to not only outdo the other with their commercials and advertising, but also trying to groom the future soda drinkers to buy their product first. Pepsi launched a bold campaign, and installed tens of thousands of vending machines at hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States. This was done knowing that these soon to be graduating consumers would soon be shopping for themselves, and hoped that when they wanted a soda, they would buy Pepsi.

Coca-Cola took a different approach. They went after a total consumer market by visiting all of the major fast food chains, offering to install their drink fountains for free. They also gave huge discounts to these companies on supplies. Literally overnight, Coca-Cola became the drink of choice at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Hardee’s, and Subway. What could be a better way to make a lasting impression than having a person growing up drinking your product?

Then there is the world of technology and social media, with the continued growth of FaceBook and Twitter, which are now household names. Google has embedded itself into our daily lives with the Android platform that runs our “non-Apple” smart phones, and Apple with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, has a popularity that has grown steadily on a global level. These are all new and evolving avenues for companies to promote and advertise their products on.

So what does all of this really mean to you the business owner? The answer is simple, these companies use their marketing and advertising to not only reach the current consumers, they are also grooming the future consumers. They are building brand awareness, in the hopes that when someone goes shopping, wants a quick bite to eat, a drink, or any one of a multitude of other services, that this “Brand” will come to mind first.

While this is much harder to do when you own a small business, since many of us lack the multimillion dollar budgets that these large companies have for their marketing and advertising promotions, it is possible. Our brand awareness is built one customer at a time. We work harder to provide superior customer services, and to stand behind our products and services 110%. We rely on the personal interaction with our potential customers and clients, getting to know them and their needs. It is this level of personal attention that is worth more in the end than a jingle, commercial, or ad, since the foundation of our brand is built on the customer’s faith and trust in us, and what we have to offer them.

So, what are you doing today to build your brand awareness?


About delaware302
Delaware 302 is more than an online clothing store. It's about giving Delawareans a way to express their pride about being from, or even just living in, the First State. Whether you're wearing it or displaying it on your vehicle - let the world see you are Delaware proud. But you don't have to be born here to "represent" the 302.

One Response to Brand Awareness

  1. Jules Thomas says:

    A brilliant brand awareness blog post. Really good points and although across the pond and no idea what Wendy’s is i get your gist. Thanks for sharing


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