Forward Momentum

I was recently asked in a meeting with a fellow business owner: “What does it take to make a business grow?” The answer to that is not as cut and dry as many of the so called “experts” may want you to believe. There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to growing your business, with the first and primary one being the type of business you have.

Lets use two different types of businesses as an example. On one side you have a repair shop that specializes in foreign cars, and on the other a florist. While these businesses are both targeted to the consumers, and they offer products and services that are event related, the type of marketing, web site design, social media targeting, and target audiences are vastly different. You would not expect these businesses to do the exact same thing with their business solutions, and expect the same results.

Unfortunately this is what many of the solutions providers in the industry do. They bulk everyone under one umbrella and try to sell these businesses on a one size fits all package. Having been in the technology industry for almost 15 years, I have seen this time and time again, and ultimately it leaves the business unhappy, and in not all that much better of a position than when they started. The only difference, is that they have spent a small fortune to accomplish it.

Growing your business, and picking the solutions to help you do it, are as unique as your business itself. You can pick and choose the pieces that you put together to help you build that forward momentum, and move you closer to the end goal: Growth. You do not need to get tied into using an “off the shelf solution”, and hope that you have made the right choice.

Remember, no one knows your business better than you do.


About delaware302
Delaware 302 is more than an online clothing store. It's about giving Delawareans a way to express their pride about being from, or even just living in, the First State. Whether you're wearing it or displaying it on your vehicle - let the world see you are Delaware proud. But you don't have to be born here to "represent" the 302.

4 Responses to Forward Momentum

  1. Dhaneshwar says:

    I really found this article interesting in terms of business marketing strategies that differ with type of business one have. Although I understood, not one solution can fits for all but don’t you think that marketing on social media will be likely same for all types of businesses??

    • delaware302 says:

      Actually social media, and what works for businesses, is as varied as the products and services each business offers. Some businesses get more traction from Twitter, while others from FaceBook, or Pinterest, or FourSquare. The patterns of the target audience need to be taken into consideration when setting up the social media marketing. What works for one company might not work for another.

      • Dhaneshwar says:

        Truly said. The patterns of target audience varies with type of business. But how much variation and what factors should be taken in consideration, I could not figure it out. Can you give some examples?

  2. Jules Thomas says:

    I totally agree! A business development plan is as bespoke and individual as each business, even if they are in the same industry. The first question is where are you trying to get to? The answer is very different for each person we ask. Thanks for sharing. We concur


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