When Silence Is Not Golden

A few weeks back there were a number of businesses, non-profit associations, and municipalities, with most of them right here in Delaware, that experienced a major disruption of service with regards to their web sites and email. The disruption was not a minor one, to where service went down for a day, it was a disruption that literally lasted for weeks, with the constant crashes of their communication vehicles, along with a hit or miss if their web site would actually display or function correctly.

While many businesses were able to find a work around to this, there were others that realized the very essence of their business was put at risk. The municipalities, which rely heavily on being able to send communications out to their citizens and groups, were to the point to where they were literally crippled.

While these types of events do happen, there is usually a constant stream of communication on the part of the hosting company, to keep their clients informed of what is going on. In this case there was silence from the provider. The clients of this company literally had to call and call repeatedly to try to get some type of answer as to what was going on. The steps the hosting company took to rectify the situation, without any warning ahead of time, also had a major impact on these businesses and organizations. In some cases the steps they took wiped out years of information that can never be recovered.

There is a line from the movie Cool Hand Luke which sums up this situation perfectly: “What we’ve got here, is failure to communicate.”

Silence in this instance is not golden. It leaves your clients angry, and stumbling to try to come up with some type of viable answer to give to their customers, members, and community. It breeds distrust, and leaves them searching for a new solution to guarantee something like this never happens again.

Having spent 15 years of my career in the technology industry, and having been on both sides of this type of situation, I personally know it is not easy to deal with. It makes it doubly hard when you are not sure what to do, have a limited budget to do it with, and are afraid to make another bad decision, that will leave you in a worse situation than you are already in.

As a fellow Delaware business owner, and a member of the community of this great state of ours, I am putting the offer on the table to lend my aid to any business that needs it.

In the end you need to ask yourself this simple question: Is silence golden, or are you ready for real communication?


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